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EP 164: Caja Robotics


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In this episode, I was joined by two guests, Dr. Ilan Cohen and Hannah Yanovsky of Caja Robotics. Ilan is the Chairman and CEO at Caja while Hannah is the CRO & General Manager. Caja Robotics is an Israel-based robotics company providing a goods-to-person solution. We discuss Caja’s solutions, what is unique about the solution, and their partnership with Sela Logistics Center.

Key Takeaways

  • Caja Robotics provides a good to-person robotic solution that works with two robotic solutions. One is a lift type robot that assists in storage optimization and replenishment while the second is a cart robot that is utilized for picking and transporting boxes throughout the fulfillment center. Powering this solution is their own software that allows for the robots to navigate in your existing infrastructure and requires no changes to your operation making it much easier to implement.
  • One interesting part of the discussion was the contrast of warehousing real estate in Israel versus other countries. Hannah shares some great insights into how the smaller size of Israel has pushed the price of real estate very high. Due to this warehouses look to maximize on smaller spaces to be able to provide fast service to customers. They also tend to utilize existing spaces which can add some complexity to an operation as you have to adapt to space. This is somewhat of a contrast to North America where we see lots of open lands that are being built up with large distribution centers.
  • Dr. Cohen discusses the uniqueness of their software which really helps their solution effectively. The solution provides inventory management, travel management, and communication for the robots. Additionally, they have easy implementation, flexibility, and scalability. When it comes to keeping up with spikes in demand and the constant change of fulfillment, flexibility, and scalability is key. Much like the spikes that we saw with the pandemic, the ability to quickly scale up to meet new demand is key in being successful.

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EP 164: Caja Robotics