TMHNC donation May 2020

TMHNC donates used forklift to San Francisco foundation

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Toyota Material Handling Northern California recently donated a used Toyota forklift to the Delancey Street Foundation in San Franciso that champions itself as a place for second chances.

Mark Andres Toyota image

Mark Andres

“Were proud to have donated this Toyota forklift to the Delancey Street Foundation”, said president and CEO Mark Andres. “This forklift will help Delacey move critical goods as well as train job skills for its residents.”

Delancey Street Foundation aerial photoThe Delancey Street Foundation in more than 40 years remains true to its mission. They have been taking in as residents representatives of our society’s most serious social problems and, by a process of each one helping another, with no professionals, no government funding, and at no charge to the clients, we have been solving these problems: generations of poverty, illiteracy, lack of job skills, hardcore substance abuse, homelessness, crime, violence, teen pregnancy, and emotional and physical abuse. After an average of four years (a minimum stay of two years), their residents gain an academic education, three marketable skills, accountability and responsibility, dignity, decency, and integrity.