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MHI launches MODEX 365 Virtual Trade Expo experience

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Material Handling Industry (MHI) has created a virtual show experience to connect you with all the manufacturing and supply chain education and solution sourcing that their bi-annual MODEX delivered in March. While nothing can match the power of attending the face-to-face expo, MODEX 365 delivers the best supply chain solutions, the smartest thinking and the latest equipment and technology solutions in a digital format to meet the immediate needs you have today. MODEX 365 gives you instant access to virtual booth showcases, show news, expo videos, webinars, podcasts and more directly from the MODEX 2020 expo.

MODEX 365 features:

  • MODEX 2020 Seminar Webcasts and Podcasts – MODEX’s over 150 show floor seminars can now be accessed as podcasts and webcasts.
  • MODEX 2020 Exhibit Showcases – These virtual exhibit showcases include video booth tours and other solution sourcing details including product photos, news releases, videos, product specifications and brochures, case studies, and exhibitor contacts.
  • Complete videos of the 2020 MHI Annual Industry Report keynote panel discussion and a show floor session on unichannel fulfillment
  • News from the MODEX 2020 show floor including videos and daily show recap videos