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Flux Power joins Delta-Q Technologies’ Battery Compatibility Program

Flux Power just announced that it has joined Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q)’s new partner program, “Charged by Delta-Q.” The program provides Flux Power with the tools to pursue new opportunities with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As part of Charged By Delta-Q, Flux Power can showcase its integrations with Delta-Q in a curated network of tested and compatible battery and charging solutions.

Justin Forbes headshot

Justin Forbes

“Delta-Q has been a reliable supplier of integrated chargers to Flux Power for several years,” stated Director of Business Development, Justin Forbes. “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with them on the Charged by Delta-Q program to help OEMs find the ideal lithium-ion battery and charger combination.”

Affiliation with the program will increase Flux Power visibility among leading OEMs in search of solutions that offer electric products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life, and maximum uptime. Through the program, OEMs can view Flux Power’s tested algorithms with Delta-Q.

Flux Power will receive a “Charged by Delta-Q” logo for use on its products, packaging, and marketing materials. This logo signifies to OEMs that Flux Power’s battery was iteratively tested and validated by Delta-Q’s team of engineers. It also offers Flux Power the opportunity to target industrial equipment that Delta-Q currently operates in.

Lloyd Gomm, vice president of business development at Delta-Q“Delta-Q’s compatibility program is intended to empower OEMs and help partners like [insert company name] market their solutions on a broader scale,” stated VP of Business Development, Lloyd Gomm. “We’re excited to continue engagement with the company in an official capacity and leverage its expertise to further Delta-Q’s business growth opportunities.”