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Panacea Aftermarket introduces new line of Smart Forklift Scales

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Expanding their product offering, Panacea Aftermarket Co. presents to you their BEAST Smart Forklift Scales.  All metal construction, 3.5-inch tough color screen, IP64 rated, wireless load sensor connectivity, integrated thermal printer, and cumulative weight count for just $1,499.


Using the latest in digital technology and precision sensors, the BEAST Smart Scale offers impressively quick load reading times of ~ 4 seconds and with 99% accuracy, making it both one of the quickest and fastest available.


Usually sold as an expensive add-on, we have designed our forklift scale to include an integrated thermal printer.  With our quick multi-print option, you can print and stick the labels to the shipment as well as include them in the related paperwork.


No expensive and time-consuming wires to install.  No need to worry about wires getting caught in the mast mechanism.  We’ve designed our forklift scales to take advantage of today’s technology, using highly accurate wireless weight sensors.  And the included rechargeable lithium battery, which is securely mounted using industrial strength magnets, works for 24 hours.


Another standard feature on our forklift scales.  With the simple press of one single button, you can weigh and track up to 999 separate pallets.


Typical installs usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.  With our drill-less mounting system and wireless weight sensors, we made it super fast and efficient.  3 simple steps: mount the reader, install trigger switch, and then install the sensors below the chain anchors.  That’s it.  Visit our site for install information and video.

Please take a moment to visit our site and see how BEAST has disrupted the forklift scale market with an innovative, feature-rich scale, priced well below the current market.