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PIONEER’s SMART+TM line of products

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PIONEER Dock Equipment announces the launch of the SMART+TM line of dock products. The SMART+TM line features an interactive HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen control panel. This intuitive touch screen panel is easier to operate than push button styles and offers real time feedback.

The PIONEER SMART+TM line of control panels are sleek, modern and offer state of the art components providing a longer service life. The HMI panels are unaffected by heat or cold and will operate flawlessly across a diverse range of industrial environments. No special style gloves are required. The touch screen operates through leather work gloves or heavy-duty welding gloves.

When asked why the move toward touch screen controls, PIONEER’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dan Jones, said, “As technology moves forward, the SMART+TM line allows customers to extend familiar icon based touch screen technology out to the loading dock. The combination of cutting-edge technology with the durable, dependable construction of our fully hydraulic pit levelers and electric vehicle restraints allows durability and efficiency to meet safety. Dock worker safety is one of our top priorities.”