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KION North America unveils the Linde Series 1202 Hydrostat Truck

KION North America recently introduced the Linde Series 1202 hydrostat forklift truck to its portfolio. The Linde Series 1202 is the product of intensive research and discussions with forklift operators from 26 countries, resulting in extraordinary truck design.

“With its new flagship product, Linde is once again setting a benchmark in the industry. Almost 1,000 forklift drivers and fleet managers rated the predecessor and provided important information for improvements for the new model. The result is an ergonomic truck with high productivity and low fuel consumption. The Linde Series 1202 brings the digital and physical experience together in a holistic and consistent way – 100% of the new trucks are expected to be delivered from the factory with 3 and 4g (and eventually 5g) connection. This means that the truck is designed to be adaptable to customer needs throughout its entire life cycle and meet requirements that we may not even be aware of,” stated Eike Wibrow, Vice President Strategy, Marketing, and Intralogistics Systems. 

Available in diesel and LPG, the Linde Series 1202 boasts load capacities ranging from 4,500-7,000 lbs. and offers a true 100% hydrostatic drive system that powers the wheels with hydraulic fluid instead of a mechanical powertrain and pairs nicely with intuitive control details. This technology brings a better and more effective truck, including automatic acceleration and deceleration, preventing wear on the brakes and tires while delivering smoother transitions with speed. These advancements, along with optimized energy consumption, increased handling capacity, and virtually maintenance-free engine, create a cost-efficient and robust, productive truck.

“This is an exciting moment for the whole industry and aims at allowing our customers an opportunity for a new level of connectivity while gaining even more efficiency than in the past,“ added Wibrow. The Linde Series 1202 aims to form a perfect marriage between human beings and machines, aiming at creating a precise operating experience with minimum effort.

Part of the IC truck line, the Linde Series 1202 is truly operator centered with its straightforward use, focus on drivability as well as features that aim to increase driver protection and decrease fatigue. Supportive features include maximum residual capacity, a low center of gravity, good weight distribution, and overhead tilt cylinders. These components are designed to ensure the operator is working effectively and safely by reducing the risk of tipping and loading accidents. Further technological advancements include asset management monitoring as a standard feature. Hour meter reading, fault codes and GPS can be monitored from any computer or smart device that has access to the internet and cloud.

Of all the coveted features in today’s forklifts, the most significant focus is on the operator. The more ergonomic the workspace, the happier and more productive the operator. That is why the Linde Series 1202 was painstakingly designed with the operator in mind. The panoramic armored glass roof, slim A-pillars, and low front plate provide good visibility in all directions. The ergonomic workstation includes a steering column with control levers that are easily in reach along with the multi-function armrest. Increased headroom with 12 seat options offers the driver a customized driving experience. The axles, mast, and tilt cylinder are decoupled from the chassis, which safeguards the operator from vibrations and shocks, protecting against postural injuries and fatigue. In addition, reduced noise levels promote an enhanced driving experience.

This model is designed to perform well in multi-shift operations and in a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications.