KION North America releases two new Linde forklift series

KION North America Corporation has announced the release of two new Linde forklift series, the Series 1169 Electric Walkie Stacker and the Series 1276 80-volt electric truck.

Designed specifically for the needs of the North American market, these new products are part of KION NA’s long-term strategy to develop a more comprehensive product portfolio.   The Linde Series 1169 is the newest addition to the KION NA warehouse product line. This 24-volt truck features a Linde controller, sealed AC motor, sealed connectors, stability caster and residual capacity that can outperform the competitors.   “We designed this straddle truck specifically for the North American market which uses a GMA 48-inch long by 40-inch wide pallet,” said John Callahan, warehouse equipment product manager at KION North America. “This truck is versatile and can fit in a variety of material handling applications at the fraction of the cost of a sit down rider truck.”   The Linde Series 1276 is the latest addition to the company’s electric counterbalance lineup. It includes twin drive motors, a combi axle and an 80-volt AC electrical system.   “This is an unbeatable performance and feature laden machine,” said Bob Hasenstab, general product manager. “The voltage arrangement guarantees cooler running motors and high efficiency, due to less energy waste by avoiding unnecessary heat build-up and emissions.”   The twin motor drive system, combined with patented “combi axle,” provides unparalleled maneuverability. Additionally, the truck features traction control to deliver motion, even with one wheel completely slipping. The operator assist feature is designed to aid the operator when maneuvering around curves.