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Episode 328: FORT Robotics at MODEX 2022

Fort Robotics joins The New Warehouse podcast live from MODEX 2022. David Sullivan, Principal Product Manager, and Mike Zipperer, Product Development – Cybersecurity Director from Fort Robotics, discuss safety technology in the warehouse space. Fort Robotics is a four-year-old start-up spinoff of a previous company focused on landmine removal. Fort Robotics uses the same suite of technologies to enhance the safety and security of all sorts of smart machines and robotics.

Key Takeaways

  • David explains that any “dull, dirty, or dangerous” job is likely a good fit for automation or robotics, which is why we see many technologies developed for the military are also applicable for logistics and warehousing. He adds the military’s robust budget doesn’t hurt either, as they can fund more advanced technology development.
  • Mike and David explain as robotics become more commonplace in warehouse environments, we need to improve the ability to protect personnel. One way Fort Robotics is making warehouses safer is through its nano safety control. For example, embedding the nano safety control into a mobile robot allows safety commands to be sent wirelessly, and black channel communications technology ensures the integrity of the safety commands.
  • As much as we joke about robots taking over, malicious actors or hackers are a legitimate concern. Mike shares how this is a real safety risk due to the size and physical presence of some automated machinery. The nano safety controller protects against almost any form of hack. This level of security keeps personnel safe and allows roboticists to focus on navigation and visualization problems.
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EP 328: FORT Robotics at MODEX 2022