BSLBATT Logistics World Summit & Expo 2024

The Logistics World Summit & Expo 2024-BSL Battery debuts Top Lithium Battery Product


1/6/7F-1 Building1 Zhongkai Innovative Base
Huifeng 6th Road ZhongKai Hi-tech Zone
HuiZhou City, Guangdong, INTL

China Huizhou, BSL Battery-Industrial a provider in designing and manufacturing smart lithium-ion batteries (up to 50% more efficient than its peers in the market) for industrial forklifts used in the storage and distribution industries, exhibited at its first participation at the 2024 The Logistics World Summit & Expo, April 10-11, 2024 in Centro Citibanamex, Mexico.

With a rich manufacturing history of more than 10 years, BSL Battery-Industrial has become a trusted manufacturer of lithium battery solutions for material handling. With significant investment, lean manufacturing capabilities, seamless supply chain integration, and a 180-year professionally designed technical team in the lithium battery industry, BSL Battery-Industrial is fully capable of providing high-quality products and the best-tailored lithium battery solutions to forklift manufacturers, forklift dealers, and battery dealers.

Exhibiting for the first time at The Logistics World Summit & Expo, BSL Battery-Industrial was bustling and attracted a lot of visitors, including friends from all over the Americas. The company representatives had in-depth discussions with the participants, exchanged views on the industry trends, and demonstrated BSL Battery-Industrial’s firm determination to enter the North American market and achieve excellent results.

The future is very exciting

In the highly anticipated process, our new third-generation forklift lithium battery was finally lit up at 10:00 am on April 10th, which was warmly welcomed and highly praised by our customers! BSL Battery-Industrial Chief Technology Officer Mr.Lin Peng said, “This third-generation forklift lithium battery is a leading product in the material handling industry. Using a UL2580-certified BSL lithium battery module and a proprietary cloud-based BMS ™ remote information processing and asset management system independently developed by BSL. Outstanding performance in food and beverage, third-party logistics (3 PL), warehousing and manufacturing, and other industries, easily meeting customer needs. Medium to large fleets with fleet management systems will notify you before the problem occurs. View battery performance, monitor fleet activity generate real-time metrics, optimize performance, and save energy.

In addition to the above products, we have also demonstrated a variety of lithium battery products used in AGVGSEaerial work platforms, and golf carts. It is worth noting that we have deployed about 12,000 batteries throughout North America and provided China’s first UL2580-certified lithium-ion battery pack for material handling equipment. BSL Battery-Industrial, AMER Area Manager, Bebinca Wu, said: “The Logistics World Summit & Expo is a key stage for us that not only strengthens our foothold in the Americas but also introduces novel products to our respected product portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent quality, superior service and strong support to our customers in the Americas.

Missed us at The Logistics World Summit & Expo 2024? Reach out today!

If you didn’t attend The Logistics World Summit & Expo 2024, explore BSL Battery-Industrial’s 3.0 lithium battery solution. Don’t worry, our commitment to 3.0 lithium battery product samples and cost reduction continued after the event. Whether you are still hesitant about lithium-ion batteries or want to bring the advantages of proprietary cloud-based BMS ™ telematics and asset management systems into your operations, our energy experts will answer your questions here!

Although you may have missed the opportunity to visit our Logistics World Summit & Expo, you can still contact us by virtual means. BSL Battery-Industrial is committed to providing customers with the best lithium battery solutions and building mutually beneficial partnerships worldwide. Over the past 10 years, BSL Battery-Industrial has gained good recognition in many markets, including China, ASEAN, Australia, South Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. To better serve local customers, BSL Battery-Industrial is actively seeking local dealers and partners to enhance its competitiveness in these areas.