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Episode 308: RightHand Robotics at MODEX 2022

Joining Kevin from the booth at MODEX 2022 is Vince Martinelli, Head of Product and Marketing at RightHand Robotics. Unlike other automation systems that move pallets or cases, RightHand Robotics builds data-driven machines that pick individual pieces. Their platform provides flexible and scalable automation for order fulfillment. Vince and Kevin discuss the complexities of gripping technology for individual piece picking. Be sure to check out this week’s episode to learn more about how RightHand Robotics is changing the way we pick and pack orders and to find out what makes up the first three feet of the last mile!

Key Takeaways

  • Vince discusses how the RightPick system handles the core task of picking and placing individual items as part of many fulfillment center processes. The piece-picking solution combines an intelligent gripper, a vision system, and control software with learning as a form of hand-eye coordination, providing accountability for picking success.
  • Vince shares how RightHand Robotics utilizes grasping knowledge, computer vision, and AI Machine Learning to create an industrial-grade hardware platform and reliable picking solution.
  • Excited to be back in person, Kevin and Vince discuss the new relationship with Vanderlande. This partnership will work together to bring their respective technologies to the market.
  • Vince jokes, as Kevin asks for clarification, that they are not anti-lefthanders as their CEO himself is left-handed.
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EP 308: RightHand Robotics at MODEX 2022