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EP 189: An SOP for your SOP’s

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On this episode, I was joined by Dave Baiocchi of Resonant Dealer Services. We focused the discussion on something I love, the SOP! This is the latest in our partnership with Material Handling Wholesaler for their July 2021 issue. Dave wrote the cover story entitled “Unifying your dealership data: ERP or SOP?” which discusses the different aspects of technology and how it can help you organize your data.

Key Takeaways

  • Dave has been focusing on the customer experience and how that has evolved over time. One thing that certainly increases as your business grows is the amount of data that you accumulate. Many people will bring in technology to help track this data and get it organized. However, the one big point that Dave makes is that employees need to know how to use this technology. That is where the SOP comes in or the standard operating procedure.
  • Why do I love SOP’s so much? The SOP is such a great tool in any operation or company because it gives you guidelines on how to do a process the correct way every time. It creates repeatable results and avoids any deviation from the process which can cause issues. Additionally, they make the training process much easier and ensure that nothing is missed during the training of new hires. This is a big focus of Dave’s article on how things can get lost from employee turnover if there is no documentation.
  • Having an SOP is great but can be a big undertaking to create. If you are well established and have no SOP’s in place then it may seem daunting to start. Dave advises that you have a dedicated person at the minimum to start. As far as what process to start with, Dave recommends focusing on the processes that have the biggest impact on your customer. With this mindset, you’ll be able to ensure your customer is getting the same experience every time.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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EP 189: An SOP for your SOP’s