BALYO strengthens its intellectual property with 15 patents issued in 2019

BALYO, a technological provider in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions, provides an update on the progress of its intellectual property strategy.

The Group currently holds 50 patents, of which 15 were granted over the last year. Thanks to an active intellectual property policy, BALYO has strengthened its portfolio, which now includes 10 patent families compared to 3 in 2016. These families, which reflect BALYO’s major technological development, cover the following areas: location, navigation, safety, perception, energy management, fleet management, communication management and simplification of installation tools. Each family of patents is extended internationally in the Group’s markets. The Group is thus increasing the protection of its technological assets while deploying and perpetuating its licensing policy.

Karim Mokaddem headshot

Karim Mokaddem

Karim Mokaddem, BALYO’s Chief Technology Officer, said “The significant strengthening of the patent portfolio worldwide testifies to the added value of BALYO solutions. The positive results of our research activities allow us to increase our competitive advantage, strengthen the performance and reliability of our solutions and simplify their deployment.”