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Paper and Pulp case study: BSLBATT lithium battery helps KALMAR


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Do you work in a paper or corrugated packaging plant? Are you looking for a solution that powers your workload? Historically, the paper and pulp industry uses diesel forklifts. This is mainly because this industry requires higher equipment capacity. Although it was once a diesel-focused industry, we are pleased to announce that the KALMAR ECG80-6 electric forklift can replace a diesel engine. Thanks to the unique lithium battery solutions of our agent IIB located in the Middle East. This is especially true in terms of higher capacity and longer operating time, electric forklifts equipped with our BSLBATT B-LFP80-1120MH model lithium battery can be compared to Internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalents to do this better, if not better.

Results: Check out the impressive results recently achieved by a large customer in the paper industry using a KALMAR® ECG80-6 heavy-duty forklift equipped with BSL lithium batteries to electrify their material handling equipment. This customer was interested in the BSLBATT® 3.0 range of forklift lithium batteries and active cooling technology that would not only meet the energy needs and uptime required to convert to an electric lift but would also do so at a lower TCO than any other energy source in the industry Make the switch! Enable safer and more efficient fleet management. We are delighted to contribute to their efficiency and sustainability goals. Together we are shaping the future of energy solutions for the pulp and paper industry! Contact us to learn how BSL Battery – Industrial can improve the efficiency of your operations!


Here are a few reasons why you should choose BSL lithium batteries for your paper industry’s material handling needs:

The newly developed BSLBATT lithium battery makes electric forklifts a more viable alternative to diesel vehicles

“Both the wood and paper industries are pushing hard to switch to electric trucks equipped with BSL lithium batteries. All the major players in Europe are doing this and there is no turning back. Over the past five years, our heavy-duty forklift lithium battery sales have doubled, and the growth rate is accelerating,” saidTracy Shen, BSLBATT EMEA Territory Manager.

While environmental considerations come first, for some companies the cost savings of switching to electric trucks are also a factor. For example, many pulp and paper companies generate electricity. Additionally, because of electricity, they can drive down energy prices so that their hourly cost is only one-tenth the cost of old diesel.

“Of course, in some countries, such as the United States, diesel is still very cheap and the savings are not yet as substantial,” adds Tracy Shen.

Whatever the reasons why companies make the switch, one thing is for sure, the number of heavy-duty lithium battery forklifts will only increase. Demand is increasing around the world. BSLBATT is at the forefront of this development with its revolutionary lithium-ion batteries and more than 10 years of electrification experience. “We are currently cooperating with dealers of Toyota, Yale-Hyster, Linde, Taylor, Kalmar, Lift-Force, and Raniero heavy-duty forklift brands. Customer feedback shows they are amazed by BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries’ advantages. BSLBATT’s lithium batteries are completely Meet customer expectations,” said Tracy Shen. “ANOTHER IMPORTANT FACTOR IS THAT BSLBATT can now supply lithium batteries for heavy-duty forklifts weighing up to 18 TONES, INSTEAD OF JUST THE 5-6 tons we previously supplied.”

Charging is made easy

Tracy Shen says IIB began importing forklift lithium batteries to BSL three years ago and selling them to local forklift dealers. It also provided after-sales services.

“The most obvious benefit is that it doesn’t require a specific charging room like lead-acid batteries, but can be charged at shorter intervals throughout the day. This way you can use the truck all the time without planning breaks to recharge the batteries. They can be recharged during a fifteen-minute coffee break,” he said.

Companies investing in upcoming factories are already planning for electric trucks and ensuring there are places to charge them at convenient times and locations.

High durability and minimal maintenance

Compared with lead-acid batteries, BSLBATT’s patented lithium-ion batteries have several advantages.

First, there is no need for multiple batteries in multi-shift operations. One is sufficient as it can be charged during the shift.

Second, BSLBATT batteries have a service life of up to 4,000 times, compared to 1,500 times that of lead-acid batteries.

“The battery efficiency is 95%, compared to 70% for lead-acid batteries. Also, maintenance is minimal,” Tracy Shen continued.

Electric motors require less maintenance than diesel trucks because fewer parts need to be repaired or replaced,” adds Tracy Shen.

BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries last longer and require less maintenance, but like all advances in technology, they cost. Here is the cost.

“The price is indeed quite high at the beginning, but we find that as the technology matures, the price drops quickly,” Tracy Shen said.

“We should also remember that chemical reactions are complex and the automotive industry’s technologies are also falling in price rapidly due to their high volume. In a few years, lithium batteries will be more cost-effective than lead-acid batteries,” she added. Regarding lithium-ion batteries, residual value needs to be considered. A used battery by one player will be valuable to another player.

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Driver’s dream

Tracy Shen noted that the deal gets even better when you factor in fuel and battery life-cycle cost savings, adding another benefit of electric trucks. For those who drive them, that’s what’s most noticeable.

“The KALMAR ECG80-6 electric truck with BSL lithium battery is quiet and does not produce a lot of noise. There is no vibration when the truck idles. No exhaust fumes. The truck is faster and accelerates better. Electric trucks are more efficient than diesel trucks over short distances,” she claimed.

Heavy-duty electric forklifts equipped with BSLBATT lithium batteries are the future. We are here to shape it with our customers,” concludes Tracy Chen.

BSLBATT lithium-ion forklift battery

  • Lasts 2,500-4,000 cycles
  • Battery efficiency is 97%
  • Charging time: 1% per minute, fully charged in 100 minutes
  • Charging on site
  • No ventilation space required
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Opportunity charging can be applied for multi-shift operations
  • Total ownership cost reduced by 20%-40%
  • Any charging event will generate higher returns