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BSLBATT Lithium Battery Factory -Nothing is Impossible

China’s manufacturing displays great power across the world. As one of the leading lithium Battery manufacturers in China, Specifically designed for perform in multi-shift warehouse applications. Here at BSLBATT Battery we have been growing rapidly across our global dealer network and this means we have been developing our manufacturing to accommodate this. Our Factories all play different roles in manufacturing the BSL Product portfolio from start to finish and are a colorful display of the process of bringing our products to the #materialhandling market!

About BSLBATT factory

The BSLBATT factory currently has three bases in Huizhou, Guangdong, Dongguan, and Jiangxi in China. The total land area of the existing production base is about 12,000㎡. Our current total production capacity is 2.5 GWH. Among them, energy storage batteries accounted for 1GWH, Motive Power lithium batteries accounted for 1GWH, 12V lithium batteries, and lithium batteries in other special fields accounted for 0.5GWH.

Each BSL lithium battery is mainly composed of cell material selection, cell combination, module, laser welding, assembly, measurement, BMS, debugging, sealing, debugging, testing, aging, labeling, communication, inspection, packaging, and delivery 17 processes complete the manufacturing. 1000 sets of equipment on the assembly line including laser welding, module line, testing line, and packaging line work continuously. In recent years, BSLBATT is adding a new type of automation line, which has the advantages of environmental protection, high module consistency, low cost, and high quality, and is very advanced in China today.

So what role does each factory play?

This year many of our dealers will have the opportunity to visit our factories and get more closely connected with our team and resources. Will we see you in China this year?

Our Strength

BSL is an innovative company, and its strength is in design. BSL will regard the materialization, generalization, and modularization for each product at the beginning of the design process. The first one is the core parts; we must develop and produce independently. The second one is our important parts; our factory has the advantage of our own design, according to our require Module selection design and independent research and development of BMS. This gives full play to our capacity for independent innovation and also makes full use of the production advantages of our suppliers.

Thirdly; our products are designed to be generalized and standardized, which greatly increases the number of batches of an overall product from the supplier, with our investment in molds, we will greatly reduce the cost. This is the advantage of our overall design and development.

The future

In the future, as our factory expands into a larger production scale and pursues a more complete industrial chain, the focus will be on progressively improving toward digital intelligence and mechanized production. We will improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, improve environmental requirements, ensure safe production, and allow our employees to work in a better environment. At the same time, through the perfect MES system of production control, we will be able to achieve faster conversion of sales orders and production orders, control all production processes, speed up delivery, and better serve the market.