John Rizzo, Manager Automation Sales at Twinlode Automation Photo Credit: Contributed

Twinlode Automation hires John Rizzo as Manager, Automation Sales

Twinlode Automation, a supplier of high-density storage systems for global material handling companies,has announced John Rizzo has joined the team as Manager of Automation Sales.  With more than 30 plus-years’ experience in sales and warehouse planning, Rizzo will work with the Twinlode team to grow its automation focus, including conveyors and advanced automation systems. 

“Twinlode Automation has had a great working relationship with Rizzo through the years and when we decided to emphasize our focus on automation, it made sense to make him a more permanent part of our team,” said Skip Eastman, CEO of Twinlode Automation.  “As the need for more advanced automation in the warehouse environment increases with suitable technology to deliver proper solutions for our customers, we will continue to build our team to ensure customized, safe and sustainable systems for each project.  Rizzo will help us to meet that goal.”

Formerly of Pak West, a packaging system integrator based in Santa Ana, California, Rizzo has a keen ability to identify and solve material handling and packaging related problems which transcends several industries. His ability to see the job from concept to completion and work closely with customers and fabricators alike makes him an ideal part of the team.

For more than 20 years, Twinlode Automation has provided storage solutions for warehouse management within the food and beverage industry. Its complete storage solutions continue to help trim warehouse expenses and reduce handling costs, ultimately increasing productivity.  Twinlode Automation serves many industries including automotive, beverage, building products, bulk product handling, dairy, food processing, food service, grocery, import/export facilities, perishable commodities, petroleum, chemicals and paints, pharmaceuticals, third-party logistics and more.