Xavier Hamers headshot Xavier Hamers, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Leuze electronic Group

Leuze announces a change of management

Leuze is placing its strong growth on a broader footing and has expanded its executive management. Xavier Hamers joined the company on April 1, 2023.

By 2025, Leuze will have doubled its sales growth since 2020, and not for the first time. With a sales increase of 25 percent, Leuze took another big step toward achieving this ambitious goal in 2022. And the company is set to make further investments: in international structures as well as in its employees and new talent.

Expanded executive management

Due to the company’s strong growth, Leuze has begun to gradually and systematically place the entire company on a broader footing – in terms of its processes and its organization. A year ago, Helge Held (CFO and Commercial Director) and Dr. Henning Grönzin (CTO and Technical Director) joined the Leuze executive management.

Hamers becomes the new CEO of Leuze

On April 1st, Xavier Hamers began his role as the new CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the global Leuze electronic Group. He studied mechanical engineering and has a strong technical and business background. He also brings many years of international experience in sales and business development to the role. His goal: “The design and service-oriented implementation of technology must give our customers real added value and enable them to sustain their success in a continuously changing industry”.

Leuze electronic Group leadership image

Members of the executive management at Leuze. From the left: Xavier Hamers, CEO and
Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Henning Grönzin, CTO and Technical Director, Helge Held, CFO and Commercial Director of the Leuze Electronic Group.

The Sensor People welcome Hamers and wish him all the best in starting his new role.