Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services announces new Scenting Services for businesses

Western® Pest Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins Inc., recently announced a new line of scenting services intended to help businesses keep odors away.

Odors can leave a lasting negative impression on customers and employees – but their impact doesn’t stop there. They can also attract pests to businesses. Flies, cockroaches, and rats can detect odors long before humans do. To help fight against foul smells, Western is now offering two scenting options, PurErase™ and PurScapes™.

PurErase™ neutralizes odors in the air so it is fresher to breathe and more pleasant to smell. The patented diffusion technology goes beyond masking unpleasant smells – it uses a commercial scent machine to emit a dry micro-mist that clings to the air and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. PurScapes™ creates a landscape of scents where they may have not been before. Businesses can choose from a variety of essential oil-based scents to help create a pleasant and memorable environment for patrons or residents. There are countless studies that show scent marketing can help a branch be considered more favorable with their guests and customers.

“Our new scenting services are a great solution for all industries – from apartment complexes and hotels to storefronts and employee breakrooms,” said Pat Porcella, Regional Manager for Western Pest Services. “Not only are businesses eliminating foul odors with PurErase™, but with PurScapes™ you are also creating a welcoming, energizing, and memorable atmosphere that helps residents, patrons, and employees connect with and remember your business in a positive way.”

Western Pest Services is dedicated to keeping businesses fresh, clean, and pest-free. This new service offering can help with all three.