Twinlode announces management services

Twinlode Corporation, supplier of high density storage rack systems such as its Gen2, introduces its full breadth of services to the material handling industry, specializing in solutions tailored for companies with food and beverage storage needs.  The company has completed installations in North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East for some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. With those installations, Twinlode offers full management solutions from end-to-end to create a comprehensive warehouse workflow that runs seamlessly, and now it is providing those services industry wide for the first time. 

Twinlode is led by industry experts that collectively have more than 260 years of experience in material handling and warehouse operations. These experts leverage their wealth of knowledge when time is of the essence and precise planning is needed to analyze a customer’s needs and develop a blue print for the most productive warehouse possible. Whether fully or semi-automated, starting from the ground up or incorporating a new concept, or with special consideration needed for microorganisms that could detrimentally affect perishable products, the Twinlode team is equipped with in-depth expertise to meet diverse requirements. 

Vertical markets that benefit most from Twinlode services include food and beverage, produce and the food processing industries, as well as automotive, building products, perishable commodities, petroleum and pharmaceuticals.

“Twinlode built an incredible product when it introduced its Gen2 racking system, and we have since seen it change how the largest beverage companies in the world move product and keep their warehouses operating efficiently,” said Lawrence “Skip” Eastman, president at Twinlode Corporation.  “Once we realized that our staff’s knowledge and planning skills helped facilitate more than just a product, our service division was born and it has become one of our most valued assets. Our customers depend on our vision and execution, and we’d like to make sure the industry is aware of exactly everything we can do.”

Twinlode’s patented dual pallet system allows warehouse personnel to load and unload two pallets at a time, increasing productivity up to 50 percent, while decreasing wear and tear on material handling equipment and damage to product and rack. This productivity, combined with the management and planning of a warehouse system, makes Twinlode a company that has been dependable for more than 20 years.