Taylor Machine Works, Inc. releases the ZLC Battery Electric Series

Taylor Machine Works, Inc. has announced the release of the ZLC Series. At Taylor, they felt an immense responsibility to design and manufacture a Zero-Emissions Container Handler that would integrate seamlessly into existing customer workflow and have done so by engineering the ZLC Series. The Battery Electric ZLC Series meets the stringent Zero-Emissions standard without interrupting the demanding processing sequence required by the world’s busiest ports. Utilizing state-of-the-art electric motors and environmentally responsible battery chemistry, the ZLC Series is a plug-in, battery electric vehicle equipped with the energy necessary for a smooth transition from existing internal combustion powered equipment.

With the ability to recharge in five hours and an onboard battery capacity to complete two full work shifts with no opportunity charging required, the ZLC Series is easily incorporated into day-to-day terminal work cycles with no compromises in energy available for container stacking and transportation. In addition, Taylor’s ZLC Series is equipped with the same dependable axles, transmissions and hydraulics that are found on our widely deployed XLC Container Handler.

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