Shield Roof Solutions debuts new Shipping Container covers

As the weather begins to shift with the changing of seasons, Shield Roof Solutions is debuting two new durable and efficient cover options for shipping containers. The covers provide protection and portability designed to withstand extreme weather. This announcement follows on the heels of new custom roof kits introduced earlier this year.    

Both new covers can include optional painting and gutters. Model CCSS is designed for attachment of solar panels.    

“Our customers appreciate the flexibility and durability of our growing line of roof products and we are pleased to respond to that interest with a new line of container covers,” said Marc Niemann, GM of Shield Roof Solutions. “All of our kits and covers can be customized for easy and effective use.”

“The first new cover model for a single container (model CCPB) includes standard roof panels with a one-foot overhang on all sides, and it measures 22 by 10 feet. The second new model (model CCSS), also designed for single containers, features standing seam panels, a one-foot overhang on the long sides, and measures 20 by 10 feet.”

Shield Roof Solutions products are made of American steel with a 20-year guarantee, and they are all designed for quick and easy construction.

“Our design team truly goes above and beyond to create in-demand products that provide economical storage, protection from the elements, and creative and reliable shelter,” Niemann added.