Meijer Handling Solutions expands

Meijer Handling Solutions, Inc.

131 Flanklin Plaza #335
Franklin, NC 28734
Phone: 828 349-9619
Fax: 877 548- 4604

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Growing to meet demand. Meijer Handling Solutions is nearing completion of a 19,400 sq/ft building expansion which will house additional production space for their growing telescopic KOOI-REACHFORKS® line. This new addition means the Meijer Group will soon have over 202,000 sq/ft under one roof.

Meijer Handling Solutions specializes in the production of logistical supply chain solutions which include attachments for mobile material handling equipment and stand-alone systems such as load transfer stations and more. The manufacturing operation is housed under the same roof as its Meijer Metal division, which serves as the primary component supplier to the “Solutions” division. This convenience not only complements quality for Meijer Handling Solutions, it also helps reduce costs, which is a benefit much appreciated by end users and distributors.

The company is based in the province of Friesland located in the Northwest area of the Netherlands. Meijer Handling Solutions, Inc. is the wholly owned U.S.  subsidiary of the Meijer Group and is located in Western North Carolina to service the North American