Synergy SnapControl 2

Optimizing the expansion of automation at MODEX 2024

As warehouse logistics become increasingly automated with a mixed portfolio of devices, robots, and systems, the need to connect and orchestrate the various solutions is ever more urgent.

The very latest multi-agent orchestration (MAO) technology, SnapControl, will be one of the main features at this year’s MODEX 2024 – at booth #A12509.

Developed by warehouse management technology innovator, Synergy Logistics, SnapControl offers a device-agnostic and unified approach to automation, seamlessly connecting all warehouse devices and robots in real-time. It is suitable for both new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) automated portfolios.

Smitha Raphael -headshot

Smitha Raphael

Synergy Logistics’ Chief Product & Delivery Officer, Smitha Raphael, said: “We are excited to have the opportunity to highlight SnapControl to visitors at this year’s MODEX event. By uniquely interpreting bi-directional communication between machines and advanced WMS, SnapControl facilitates efficient and accurate decision-making, which are critical components of the second wave of automation recognized by leading industry analysts.”

The virtues of SnapControl have already been tested rigorously by a rapidly expanding US online retailer, resulting in a sixfold increase in productivity over the first few months of implementation. Having invested in a new 300,000 sq. ft warehouse, featuring automated mobile robots (AMRs), carton right-sizing equipment, and automated packaging systems, the retailer required a MAO that could generate real-time data and make smart decisions from those integrations, with little or no human involvement.

For this e-tailer, the return on investment (ROI) in automated resources has amounted to labor savings of over half a million dollars. On average, the company now saves over $40,000 per week, with an impressive investment payback period of just 23 weeks.

Raphael added: “Not all MAOs are the same, because while most providers can integrate with a host of software and robotics vendors, a simple connection is as far as it goes. A true MAO platform, such as SnapControl, is the conductor of the orchestra. It provides the why and where, while connecting and controlling all devices at once, for a complete 360-degree picture of your operation.”

Smitha and her colleagues are also offering practical 30-minute demonstrations at Booth #A12509 of the highly flexible and award-winning SnapFulfil WMS – showcasing how it can be changed or modified in minutes without custom code for quick and easy implementation and rapid response to evolving fulfillment demands.