FANUC CRX20iA_L Fulfillment_

FANUC showcases latest Robotic and Automation technologies at MODEX 2024

FANUC America, a supplier of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINE’s will showcase its automation solutions designed to help companies future-proof their supply chain at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, March 11-14, booth #B-4026.


CRX Cobot Demonstration – Order Fulfillment

FANUC CRX cobots combined with Locus AMR and Vision technology will demonstrate a highly flexible autonomous solution for order fulfillment that can be easily scaled up or down.

Visitors using a Tablet TP will select from a variety of consumer items to pick orders. One of two CRX-10iA cobots with an iRVision® 3DV/200 vision sensor mounted on its arm scans QR codes on a shelf to confirm that correct products are picked, and finds the items to transfer them to a bin on a table.

Next, a CRX-20iA/L cobot also uses an iRVision 3DV/200 vision sensor to locate a full bin on the order table and place it on a Locus autonomous mobile robot (AMR). The cobot then finds an empty bin on the AMR and places it on the order table.

The AMR moves from the order fulfillment area to the shelving side where the CRX-20iA/L picks an empty bin from the table and places it on the AMR and moves the full bin to a table.

The CRX-20iA/L uses iRVision to scan QR codes on the bins and to locate the AMR. It also communicates with the AMR to let it know when it has finished swapping empty bins and full orders,
and the AMR tells the CRX when it’s in the correct position.

Finally, a second CRX-10iA with a fixed iRVision 3DV/600 vision sensor locates and picks products from the full bin, then scans each item according to its RFID tag and places it back on the correct shelf.

The CRX-20iA/L can pick consumer items of varying sizes and shapes that weigh up to 20kg. The demonstration highlights its wide motion range and ability to handle small or large bins, relieving
workers from physically demanding and repetitive jobs.

CRX Cobot Demonstration – Vertical Put Wall

FANUC’s Power Motion i Model A Plus (PMi-AP) will move a tool to random or user-specified locations on a put wall. Attendees can choose which bins to get items from and then the tool pulls the sequence of bins from the put wall and moves them to a conveyor belt for the CRX to access the bin. When a wall bin arrives at the access point, a FANUC CRX-10iA will pick an item and place it in an order fulfillment bin. An order is fulfilled once an item has been picked from each selected wall bin. Once an order has been fulfilled, the put wall system will bring the bins back to the CRX access point. The CRX then picks items from the order fulfillment bin and places them back into the appropriate put wall bins until each one has been restocked. Automated put walls are easy to deploy and scale, helping warehouses and distribution centers improve productivity by increasing order fulfillment, and decreasing labor costs.

The PMi-A, which offers CNC-style moton control for automated assembly and other applicatons, integrates seamlessly into virtually any producton system using ethernet connecton for easy
communicaton between robots and machines. Users who trust FANUC’s reliable control and servo technology along with overall support for machine tools, can expect the same performance and value in general purpose moton control.

CRX Interactive

A CRX-10iA demo showcases the cobot’s ease of use. Customers can program the robot and
experience it firsthand.

FANUC LR-10iA/10 Robot: Vision-Guided Retail Inducton

A FANUC LR-10iA/10 robot guided by an iRVision 3DV/400 vision sensor mounted over the work cell will pick various bagged clothing items from a tote and drop them onto a conveyor belt to demonstrate retail inducton. The system demonstrates the speed and accuracy of robotcs in retail and logistics.

Automated Palletzing/Depalletzing with FANUC M-710iD/50M

FANUC M-710iD-50M Robot imageThe new FANUC M-710iD/50M, combined with two iRVision 3DV/1600 vision sensors and the FANUC iPC, will use the iPC’s AI Box Detecton sotware to locate boxes within stock carts. Once located, the M-710iD/50M will depalletze boxes from one cart and utlize PalletTool to palletze them on the opposite cart. Once a cart is empty, the process will be repeated by depalletzing and palletzing back to the original stock cart. The tall stock carts highlight the advantage provided by the M-710iD/50M’s curved arm.

FANUC’s AI-driven iPC enables high-performance advanced picking in challenging lightng conditons to ensure seamless, reliable depalletzing. iPC is a major benefit for this demonstraton because the boxes have paterns that are difficult to segment and determine edge locatons.

Built-in Intelligence

FANUC offers application software for packaging and palletizing, integrated iRVision® and tracking features, ROBOGUIDE simulation, Dual Check Safety (DCS), and Zero Down Time (ZDT) to help customers monitor and manage their automation.

Learn more about FANUC’s automaton soluton for fulfillment including: decant & de-case, mixed de-palletzing, piece picking, inducton, palletzing, sortaton and warehouse automaton.