OHAUS Courier Scale OHAUS Courier Scale

OHAUS introduces new Courier™ Series scales

OHAUS’s Courier line of precise standard scales for dedicated shipping applications are designed with intuitive features and fast and easy connection created with your business in mind. No matter what your business, it can carry the weight.

The new Courier 7000 and Courier 5000 Series scales specifically meet the demands of distribution, office shipping, and manufacturing. Durable, fast and reliable these scales feature intuitive integration with PC-based shipping software allowing data to be captured accurately every time.

Ohaus Courier Scales imageIn addition, the Courier 7000 and Courier 5000 are equipped with special applications like Display Hold, which keeps measurements visible long after large, display-obscuring packages are weighed and moved, and Totalization, which gives users the ability to quickly and efficiently access a sum total of weighing results from a given project. The Weight Alert™ mode will also alert you to packages that may be too heavy in relation to defined values – saving your business from potentially costly errors.

Multiple connection options and power options mean the Courier 7000 will be ready to get to work for you 24/7.