Pallet Unloading Conveyor by Multi-Conveyor_high-res

Multi-Conveyor builds Pallet Unloading Conveyor

Multi-Conveyor recently built a 48″ wide stainless steel constructed chain conveyor system to move both empty and full pallets over seven (7) separate conveyor sections totaling over 40 ft. of over-under conveyance.

Operators load full pallets onto the upper level where the pallet advances through two staging zones, controlled by photo-eyes, to the unloading zone. Operators then manually unload the cases from the pallets.

When cleared, empty pallets advance by operator control activation to a pneumatic pivot conveyor, advancing to an end stop with bumpers to position the empty pallets for the pivot down and reverse travel direction.

Pallets travel back to the beginning of the line, exiting off a stainless steel roller discharge chute directly onto the floor where operators remove them from the system.

Multi-Conveyor provided standalone electrical controls for the entire pallet conveyor system including a UL Listed control panel with through-door disconnect, Allen Bradley CompactLogix processor, PowerFlex 525 VFD’s, PLC safety relay, PanelView Plus-7 touch-screen display and e-stops. The system is designed to run at 30 FPM with zoned accumulation.