Multi-Conveyor introduces a new compression conveyor

Multi-Conveyor recently built a compression conveyor to move corrugated cases with the utmost smoothness past the customer’s ink labelers and/or printers for supreme quality, helping to ensure precision coding and marking. A compression conveyor maintains the corrugated boxes in position while continuously applying mild pressure as they are moved past the case identification processes of the application.  In this particular situation, the customer required a straight running, mild steel constructed timing belt compression conveyor, designed with a fixed lower conveyor and adjustable upper conveyor belt.

A simple hand crank utilizing hydraulic lift cylinders were incorporated to easily raise or lower the upper belt into position to allow for varying height and size packages to pass through the compression conveyor successfully.

Other features/benefits include:

  • Adjustable compression height
  • Quick release belting
  • Variable speed
  • Closed top construction
  • Roller return
  • No guide rails required

By ”compressing” the case from above onto the smooth running conveyor below, the printer heads can print complete data including company logo, product logo, bar coding, branding, etc. with supreme quality and clarity onto the moving cases.

This method of “self decorating” allows the company to purchase blank, unprinted corrugated product rather than buy more expensive pre-decorated cases.  Over time, the compression conveyor combined with their inkjet printers will be a long term cost savings for years to come.