Movu Robotics launches new brand to strengthen robotics unit

Movu Robotics makes warehouse automation easier. No warehouse left behind!

stow Group, a globally recognized provider in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of advanced storage solutions and automated warehouse systems, has launched the new ‘Movu Robotics‘ brand, developed to strengthen its ‘Robotics’ business unit and to meet the strongly increasing demand for Automation and Robotics solutions.

Movu Robotics stands out by bringing easier Logistics automation solutions to the world’s warehouses and ensuring that, when it comes to opportunities for automation, no warehouse is left behind.

Movu tackles automation with easier, modular, scalable, and efficient solutions that customers need and helps them upgrade their warehouses. In this way, Movu brings automation and robotics opportunities to companies that would otherwise find them hard to attain. The higher simplicity of Movu Robotics’ range of innovative sub-systems reduces risk for customers and speeds roll-out to help them meet the challenges of labor shortages, cost increases, storage density, growing volumes, and improving accuracy.

Movu Robotics provides a full range of warehouse solutions for every requirement:

  • The Movu atlas, a self-powered 2D pallet shuttle.
  • The Movu escala 3D robotic bin storage and fulfilment system.
  • The Movu eligo piece picking arm robot.
  • The Movu ifollow Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

The portfolio’s technologies can be integrated into a single autonomous sub-system as a solution, with components including racking, shuttles or AMRs, software, wi-fi and commissioning. This enables easy installation, adaptability to new business needs through simple integration of new applications and a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach.