Lista offers workspace solutions for manufacturing facilities

Lista International Corporation offers a wide variety of storage and workstation solutions to improve efficiency and organization in manufacturing facilities. Lista’s modular workbenches and workstations are ideally suited for use in cellular manufacturing, world class manufacturing and lean manufacturing initiatives. Along with a wide variety of durable and secure storage options, ideal for tool crib support, Lista products can help ensure productivity in all facets of the manufacturing process. Lista workbenches and workstations can help companies achieve their goals for reducing lead-time while increasing output. Innovative workstations, mobile workbenches and Nexus above-worksurface accessories allow technicians and engineers to keep all necessary tools and materials conveniently located near their workspace. With improved modularity and customization, the workstations provide individual workers with the tools they need to perform each unique task.  Tools are extremely valuable, so Lista provides storage solutions designed to reduce tool-to-tool contact protecting the cutting edge CNC tools and perishable tools such as drills, taps, reamers and broaches. From the storage wall system and pre-set cabinets to transporters, Lista products offer both convenient modular design and heavy-duty tool storage. Create customized drawer interiors with drawer partitioning accessories, for complete protection and organization of tools, components and more. All drawer handles are flush with the cabinet housing when drawers are closed, for improved safety and appearance, and offer a robust individual drawer capacity of 440 lbs.