GLX60AC-1W Laser Docking System GLX60AC-1W Laser Docking System

Laser Tools Company introduces new laser docking systems

Laser Tools Co., Inc. has introduced a new family of High-Powered Laser Docking Systems for loading docks and freight terminals.  These new laser projectors are more powerful and produce laser spotlights visible in direct sunlight.  This improves trailer movement, docking, safety, and management.

Laser Tools laser docking systems image

Laser Tools laser docking systems

How it works:  Lasers are mounted on each side of the dock bumper and shine down the ramp in parallel.  Drivers backing down center their trailers between the lines so the trailer is positioned center to the dock.  The laser spotlight is visible during direct sunlight and the laser lines are seen on the ramp in low light conditions.  Rain, snow, mud, and fog will actually improve laser line viewability.

The Model GLX60 family of Laser Docking Systems is AC or DC-powered.  Remote control options, weatherproof enclosures, and different color lasers for industrial applications like warehouse aisle striping and exclusion safety zone management are available.