Alliance Rubber Company introduces Mover Bands

Alliance Rubber Company has added Mover Bands to its list of products. These heavy-duty rubber bands have the capacity to stretch to almost twice their resting length to accommodate objects of various sizes. They are ideal for holding and securing moving blankets on furniture and appliances.

Mover Bands are designed to hold furniture, appliances and other large items securely during a move,” said Alliance Rubber Company President Bonnie Swayze. “Along with holding moving blankets in place, they’re great for keeping refrigerator doors shut and dresser drawers from opening in transit.”

These moving tools are reusable and efficient, creating minimal waste. Stabilization for most loads can be achieved with just one properly sized Mover Band. Multiple Mover Bands can be used on items that require it. Bands can be purchased in four different lengths, colors and sizes.