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JLT Mobile Computers offers free guide on how to boost productivity and throughput in ports and container terminals

After 25 years in business, JLT Mobile Computers, a supplier of reliable computers for demanding environments, is making available the benefits of its expertise in a series of ‘how to’ guides designed to help new and existing customers make the right strategic technology decisions to optimize their operations. Focusing on the IT problems faced by port and container terminal operators, the third expert guide in the JLT series identifies five key areas that challenge a port’s throughput, and gives IT and operations managers practical tips on how to turn these IT headaches into their port’s smartest assets. The new JLT guide for rugged IT environments in ports and container terminals is available for free download here.

Container ports are under constant pressure to keep trade flowing as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible – pressures that have only grown stronger with the logistics challenges emerging in the wake of COVID-19. Productivity or throughput, measured in container volume and number of ships off- and on-loaded in the shortest possible time, is the number one priority for container ports all over the world, which is why operations managers need IT devices and solutions they can rely on.

“Ports and container terminals play a pivotal role in the global supply chain, where success hinges on the speed and efficiency of delivery, or in the case of ports – throughput. This has never been clearer than since COVID-19,” says Per Holmberg, CEO, JLT Mobile Computers Group. “IT should help terminals achieve these throughput ambitions, albeit this is not always the case and many ports find their rugged computers cause more headaches than anything else. As an experienced port IT specialist with numerous happy port customers to our name – Exolgan in Argentina; Basra Gateway Terminal in Iraq; DCT Gdansk in Poland; and OPCSA in Las Palmas among them – we take great pleasure and pride in sharing what we have learned about the unique requirements of this challenging sector in the latest of our free guides to help ease these IT issues.”

‘Five ways to make IT your port’s hero, not its headache’ is the third in JLT’s series of free help guides and consolidates the company’s experience from working with ports and container terminals for a quarter of a century. In this guide, JLT identifies five recurring challenges that impact IT and operations managers’ efforts to increase port performance and productivity: How to continuously stay up to date and future proof their IT systems; how to optimize network connectivity across large and often outdoor areas; how to procure hardware that is fit for port purposes; how to choose a reliable supplier; and how to engage the workforce.

Looking at each of these challenges one by one, the guide gives practical examples and guidelines for actions IT and operations managers can take to ensure their port’s ability to meet today’s as well as tomorrow’s throughput targets. Much of the advice in the guide is also relevant to other industries experiencing rising productivity demands and related aspects of IT.

To find out what can be done to ensure IT solutions achieve the best possible terminal throughput, download ‘Five ways to make IT your port’s hero not its headache’ here for free.