New! ChargePlus FLEX Universal Offboard Charger, now available! In stock!

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FSIP’s (Flight Systems Industrial Products) exclusive ChargePlus Universal offboard charger line-up is getting a new addition: ChargePlus FLEX. This universal, high-frequency, off-board charger provides greater than 90% high-energy efficiency. The ChargePlus FLEX features programmable voltage (12-24-, 36-, or 48V), current, and charging profile via the touch keypad, can start a charging cycle as low as 2-volts, has an automatic float mode, and sports an easy-to-read LCD display. It’s the perfect portable solution for charging your lead-acid batteries.

The ChargePlus Flex is ideal for motive power applications like pallet jacks, scissor lifts, sweeper scrubbers, LSVs, and more.  For more information go to shop.fsip.biz or call Sales Support at 1-800-333-1194. Sales Support is also available by email at: [email protected]