FRED Automation automates processes in the warehouse

FRED Automation Inc. has introduced the FRED and FREDDiE, which are powerful AGV that are simple to install and operate. Their niche is automating processes that move goods from Point A to Point B. The AGVs are designed to limit opportunities for downtime and are expected to deliver a payback in less than 12 months. FRED’s technology is not intimidating, and results are tangible.

FRED and FREDiE imageCompared to other AGVs, FRED and FREDDiE are remarkably easy to set up, use and maintain.

  • Guided by easy-to-install magnetic tape so you’ll be up and running in two hours
  • Path adjustments are even quicker and easier than initial setup
  • Doesn’t use WiFi, GPS, or Bluetooth, so there are never any connectivity issues or hacking concerns
  • No programming, expensive IT support, or software maintenance agreements required
JJ Horan headshot

JJ Horan

“FRED allows our people to use their skills and training instead of just moving product back and forth. It’s amazing that this one robot can make our team so much more efficient and productive,” said JJ Horigan the Director of Operations at Monarch Brands.