Fairbanks Scales announces its new pallet jack scales

Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announces its series of pallet jack scales including the Pallet Weigh and the Pallet Weigh Plus, featuring gross/net weighing, summing and automatic and manual zero correction.

Fairbanks Scales’ Pallet Weigh pallet jack scale combines the functionality of a rugged pallet jack with the incredible accuracy of a Fairbanks scale. This revolutionary product is easy to maneuver into space-limited areas and its simple operation keeps work flowing in fast-paced environments. Additionally, the Pallet Weigh meets or exceeds industry standards for accuracy, durability and repeatability in non-commercial applications.

The Pallet Weigh can handle 5000 lb and 3000 lb capacities and is made with a high-tensile steel frame and seamless forks. Four AA batteries will allow the pallet jack scale to operate for one year at five weighments per day. It weighs in either pounds or kilograms as necessary and has a weighing error tolerance of 0.1% of the applied weight. Lastly, the automatic switch-off allows the Pallet Weigh to operate with low power consumption.

The Pallet Weigh Plus adds even more features, making it ideal in legal-for-trade pallet weighing applications. It can be used to check the shipping weight of incoming or outgoing goods, to quickly count in-stock parts, and to fulfill general product weighing needs. This heavy-duty pallet jack scale provides a rapid weight capturing method for fast-moving, limited space environments.