Emerging markets hold the key to future development of the global logistics industry

Find out more in ‘Logistics and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets’, a new book by John Manners-Bell, Thomas Cullen, and Cathy Roberson. The logistics industry is experiencing exponential growth rates on a global scale. Yet, emerging markets hold the key to the development of the global logistics industry over the next 20 years. Projected growth rates are highest in Asia Pacific at approximately 16%, ahead of mature markets in North America (11%), and Europe (8%). Whilst developed economies struggle to come to terms with huge levels of debt, newly industrialized markets are showing strong growth prospects as manufacturers and investors look at low-cost production locations.

Such trends present a number of questions for global logistics providers: What are the greatest challenges when investing and operating in emerging markets? What infrastructures are in place to support expansion in emerging markets? What are the future development prospects for Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East? What is the real potential of future logistics hotspots such as Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Russia? Which markets offer the most and least potential? This important book answers these critical questions and much more.

Essential reading for anyone involved in emerging markets or global logistics, Logistics and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets (ISBN: 9780749472405, £49.99) by John Manners-Bell, Thomas Cullen, Cathy Roberson, is the definitive guide to maximising opportunities in emerging markets.

“A timely, compelling, and comprehensive guide to business activity in emerging markets that offers actionable value for logistics, supply chain, and procurement professionals in a range of industry sectors.” (Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point)