EarthCam introduces AI-Powered Visual Data for procore daily log automation

Image Recognition, Weather Analysis and Green Initiatives Improve Workflows

Today at Procore Groundbreak, EarthCam, the leading provider of construction camera technology, announced the biggest update to its Procore feature set to date. With a major focus on its new initiative of Daily Log Automation, EarthCam is creating a more efficient and convenient project management process with automatic data integration for weather, waste and equipment tracking.

Maintaining a Daily Log of an active jobsite is both critical and requires significant effort. Understanding that importance, EarthCam is leveraging its high-quality cameras already on the jobsite to deliver new levels of informative data that affect the overall project management process. In a major advancement to its growing portfolio of AI-powered image analytics, EarthCam will now deliver AI Image Recognition of jobsite equipment and vehicle tracking. With the ability to detect up to 19 different vehicle classifications, Procore users now have a smarter way to provide visual inspections and populate log entries of the various equipment on the jobsite. Every hour, 24/7, a log entry is automatically created with a list of all detected equipment and an annotated photograph so visual verification can be performed to determine when equipment arrives onsite, is in use and when it is removed.

EarthCam is also premiering its new Jobsite Weather Station monitoring and analysis solution. The 4G LTE wireless, solar-powered sensor measures eight points of environmental jobsite conditions and combines them with EarthCam’s live webcams and 360° reality capture imagery. The visually-enhanced data is then automatically uploaded into Procore’s Daily Log. With 24/7 recording of environmental conditions for the entire jobsite, both inside and out, teams will benefit by saving time and generating a more accurate record, all within Procore.

“EarthCam’s core purpose is to create better lives through visual information, and this major advancement of our Procore integration speaks directly to that purpose”, said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “Through a combination of Procore’s insightful Daily Log and our automated visual content, construction teams can spend less time in the field, minimize waste and support a lean culture for successful project management.”

EarthCam’s green initiative led to populating content for the Waste and Dumpster sections of the Procore Daily Log, as well. EarthCam’s cameras accurately document the waste that is placed in the jobsite dumpster, including hazardous or recyclable materials that should not be placed in the dumpster, as well as unauthorized waste disposal. High-quality photos are automatically uploaded to the Daily Log throughout the day. With all of these new services, the content can be easily shared for visual verification and exported as a PDF or CSV file to be included in reports.

This latest round of powerful features builds upon EarthCam’s long-standing integration with Procore, which includes innovative markup tools for submitting jobsite photos as RFIs, observations or change events. Combined with EarthCam’s pioneering applications for AI-powered image recognition and editing of its time-lapse movies, EarthCam is driving productivity for a more visually informative jobsite. EarthCam provides end-to-end services, including camera rentals, same-day delivery and professional installation.