Lithium-ion forklift from Clark

CLARK has announced the launch of the SE25-35 lithium-ion forklift

CLARK Material Handling Company has announced the launch of the SE25-35, a 5,000-7,000-pound indoor/outdoor pneumatic forklift. Powered by a 48V lead acid battery or a fully integrated 80V Lithium-Ion battery, the SE25-35 is the ideal solution for customers looking for a versatile, durable, and reliable forklift capable of handling indoor and outdoor conditions with ease.

The latest addition to the S-SERIES lineup initially launched in 2017, the SE25-35 adds to the legacy of SMART, STRONG, and SAFE forklifts that define the S-SERIES line. With a 5.6” LCD SMART dash display with intuitive codes, an integrated Lithium-Ion battery, and three selectable performance modes to optimize performance, the SE25-35 is fully equipped with smart features designed to increase productivity and efficiency.

Safety is at the forefront of all product design at CLARK, which is why the SE25 series comes equipped with several operator-focused safety features including an automatic parking brake, which engages when the truck comes to a stop, or the operator leaves the seat. Additionally, the ergonomic vinyl suspension seat, large operator compartment, and counter-rotating wheels on the SE25 series all contribute to a comfortable operation of the truck, promoting operator safety throughout the duration of the shift.
And, as always, the SE25-35 was designed with the most durable, reliable components, including the CLARK-standard Nested I-Beam mast, fully welded frames, and a six-roller carriage with side thrust rollers to improve durability and reduce mast deflection. CLARK S-SERIES trucks are Built to Last and overengineered to meet the demands of even the most challenging of applications.

Brandon Bullard headshot

Brandon Bullard

“We are excited to bring this new S-SERIES electric product to the market,” commented Brandon Bullard, Director of Sales and Marketing at CLARK North America. “Customers need the flexibility to transition from indoor to outdoor spaces seamlessly and should hold their equipment to high standards when it comes to durability, reliability, and versatility. The SE25-35 answers the call and fits the ever-changing needs of our customers extremely well.”

Mike Binnie headshot

Mike Binnie

“The S-SERIES lineup continues to be our hallmark series, and we are pleased to introduce another fantastic electric truck to that line,” added Mike Binnie, COO of CLARK North America. “As we continue to see a shift from IC to Electric in the market, we know our customers will appreciate the IC-feel of the SE25-35 without the emissions or noise level of a traditional IC truck.”