Toyota Forklift announces new Lithium-ion Battery Lineup

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Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. has announced the approval of a new lineup of lithium-ion batteries for use in its 3- and 4-wheel electric sit-down models. This introduction makes Toyota the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain UL-E and UL-EE certification for the combination of lift truck and lithium-ion batteries on a sit-down counterbalanced forklift.

Toyota engineers worked directly with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to test and certify the use of four new Navitas lithium-ion batteries in Toyota forklifts. This development provides a solution for customers requiring UL-E or UL-EE rated forklifts who would also like to benefit from the use of lithium-ion batteries.

Tony Miller, Toyota Material Handling Senior Vice President

“This is the next step on our journey to become a full-line provider of material handling solutions,” said Toyota Material Handling Senior Vice President Tony Miller. “It’s important to us to offer our customers versatile solutions that are also reliable and safe.”

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to public safety, UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. For more than 100 years, manufacturers have had their merchandise evaluated and tested for safety risks by UL’s independent, third-party safety certification organization.

Some of the key benefits of lithium-ion batteries over traditional lead-acid batteries include: lower maintenance costs, longer run times, increased performance, faster and more efficient charging, and less downtime.

Toyota’s latest lithium-ion battery offering is part of the company’s aggressive development plan for offering a wide variety of alternative energy solutions for its customers through Toyota Energy Solutions.

“We remain committed to delivering the best products in the industry, and that extends to alternative energy solutions,” Miller said. “As the market evolves and customers demand new and innovative ways to power their forklifts, we will offer solutions nobody else in the industry can because of Toyota’s commitment to quality and our unmatched dealer network.”