Arrow Material Handling Products announces the Fork Shield

Forklift fork design and construction has developed immensely over the last 100 years. However, the most common fork damage occurs at the heel of the fork. “While we continue to develop and improve the design of our forks to increase durability, the fork heel still remains the most susceptible to breakage.” Says Terry Melvin, CEO of Arrow Material Handling Products. “We believe the Fork Shield is the answer. By administering fork shields across an entire fleet, companies should expect a significant increase in the lifespan of their forks.”

Fork Shields are designed to protect the most vulnerable part of the forklift fork from nicks, gouging, accidental damage and resulting stress cracks. By using these easily mountable protection devices, forklift forks last significantly longer and protect against costly early replacement.

During research and development, one fleet manager said, “We choose to invest in high-quality forks for their durability. Other than occasional cracks or gouges Fork Shields consistently deliver a positive return. They significantly decrease damage typically caused by operator error which has led to a considerable reduction in our fork replacement costs.”

Fork Shields are available in three different sizes depending on the width and thickness of the fork in use. Fork shields are sold only in pairs and are easily mountable directly onto the forks.