Advantech releases new LiFeP04 industrial power storage system

Advantech announced the launch of iPS-M420S, a 420-Wh industrial power storage system with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) cell. This environmentally friendly and long-lifecycle, rechargeable battery provides substantial charge capacity, safety, and cost-efficiency. With its fanless design and IP67 DC output connector, iPS-M420S is the ideal power storage system for hospital environments.

LiFeP04 batteries provide reliable power supply platforms
New battery technologies enhance the effectiveness of mobile devices. Advantech’s iPS-M420S uses LiFeP04 cell technology to provide a compact 420-Wh industrial power storage system. Compared to traditional batteries, LiFeP04 batteries are safer and less toxic. The increased product lifecycle also reduces the overall carbon footprint generated. With a lower energy density and increased charge capacity, LiFeP04 batteries offer consistent high power capabilities in a compact package.

Specially designed for hospital environments
The iPS-M420S is equipped with a fanless cooling system and features that prevent water and dust penetration. This specialized design protects critical components from exposure to contaminants or infectious agents and facilitates easy cleaning. Thus, the iPS-M420S is an essential system for operating rooms and areas in which contagion control is a strategic priority. The system also boasts enhanced safety mechanisms that prevent damage from overcharging or over-discharging.

AMiS_Link software solution for remote battery management
AMiS_Link is an intelligent power management software developed by Advantech for conducting remote battery management tasks, such as configuring the low battery alarm, battery temperature, charge/discharge voltage and cycle times, and current and accumulated discharge times. The iPS-M420S advanced battery power storage system is available with Advantech’s AMiS-50 computerized medical carts or as a stand-alone system for equipment retrofits, providing healthcare professionals with a cost-effective means for adding advanced power management to existing medical equipment.

Integrates seamlessly with Advantech medical carts
iPS-M420S is the perfect accompaniment to AMiS-50 medical carts. The features of these devices, including the power, space, and manageable battery system, can be tightly integrated to ensure smooth and convenient operation. Additionally, the iPS-M420S platform can be easily affixed to a cart using only three set screws. When combined, the iPS-M420S and AMiS-50 provide a cutting-edge computerized medical nursing cart which is then further enhanced with LiFePO4 battery technology. The LiFePO4 battery is lightweight, easy to replace and manageable remotely using AMiS_Link software.

The ergonomic, modular, and highly-flexible iPS-M420S power storage system is designed to provide clinicians and doctors with a convenient and stress-free medical service platform. Advantech’s LiFeP04 battery, with its extended lifecycle and charge capacity, is the optimal choice for achieving intelligent power supply management solutions.