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Episode 350: A2Z Drone Delivery

The New Warehouse welcomes Evan Hertafeld, Co-Founder of A2Z Drone Delivery. A2Z Drone Delivery develops cutting-edge technology to provide tailored solutions for their customers, allowing them to extend beyond what was previously thought possible in this space. They recently collaborated on humanitarian efforts to deliver food and supplies to otherwise unreachable areas impacted by catastrophic storms. Be sure to tune in to find out when we will see drones delivering packages on a large scale and how that changes the warehouse environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Evan shares that A2Z’s state-of-the-art delivery winch technology was the first of its kind to enter the commercial market. He adds that while this product opened many doors for the company, they’ve also stayed keenly in tune with the customer to refine their technology for optimal use in various industries.
  • He also notes that pilot projects are underway where consumers can order items via an app and have the items delivered by drone. However, regulation remains a significant hurdle as it takes a lot of expertise and paperwork for companies or individuals to fly beyond line-of-sight. Additionally, the cost is another prohibitive factor preventing widespread adoption. Evan explains what is needed to overcome these hurdles.
  • Recently, A2Z deployed its drones in Florida following natural disasters and partnered with local operators Zing Drones to provide much-needed humanitarian relief. The mission aimed to deliver meals and other essentials to those affected by the disasters quickly, efficiently, and safely. Local regulators supported the program and waived some legal requirements to make the process faster and smoother. As more companies use drones for humanitarian purposes, it is clear that this technology can be an essential tool for providing aid during natural disasters.
  • Evan believes the warehouse space is the perfect place to investigate and develop drone delivery technology in terms of hardware and automation. Any drone testing can be conducted freely and safely without adhering to external regulations. As a warehouse manager, you have complete control over the environment inside the building. Additionally, an operator can closely monitor the drone’s activities. Since the area is enclosed, there is no risk of outside interference or disruption, allowing for even more controlled conditions and increased reliability. Evan finds these characteristics within the warehouse space provide an ideal environment for researching and incubating drone delivery technology.
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EP 350: A2Z Drone Delivery