Flirtey Eagle Aircraft 2

Mesa Air Group becomes first scheduled airline to launch Drone Delivery Business in the U.S. in partnership with Flirtey

Mesa Air Group, Inc., has signed an agreement with aerospace technology company Flirtey to order four delivery drones, with an option to order an additional 500 aircraft. The agreement marks Mesa becoming the first scheduled airline to launch drone delivery in the U.S.

Mesa and Flirtey are initially focusing on the last-mile food delivery industry, enabling Mesa to expand beyond the global airlines market and into the global foodservice market. The immediate goal of the partnership is to conduct commercial drone deliveries in the last-mile food and beverage market in the U.S. The parties plan to expand the drone delivery service in the U.S. and New Zealand.

Flirtey Eagle Aircraft 1 imageWith this agreement, Flirtey, the aircraft designer and manufacturer, is supplying its best-in-class technology including the Flirtey Eagle, an electric-powered, advanced drone that conducts precision delivery to homes and businesses, and Flirtey’s autonomous software platform that conducts autonomous flight operations, for Mesa to operate commercial drone delivery.

The partnership will prioritize operational excellence and data collection, enabling rapid expansion with Mesa’s operational experience as a leading regional air carrier with approximately 450 daily departures across the U.S. and Flirtey’s technical experience having conducted over 6,000 drone delivery flights in the U.S. with its technology protected by over 1,000 patents claims issued and pending in the U.S. and worldwide. Flirtey recently expanded the production of delivery drones to meet growing demand. Flirtey’s aircraft are made in the USA.

“Mesa is excited to partner with Flirtey to become the first scheduled airline to launch drone delivery in the U.S. Drone delivery is a huge market and it’s here now. This is the future of small package last-mile delivery,” said Mesa Chairman and CEO Jonathan Ornstein.

“Flirtey is excited to partner with Mesa to operationalize our best-in-class drone delivery aircraft and autonomous software platform. With Mesa’s operational excellence, we look forward to rapidly expanding drone delivery focusing on the trillion-dollar last-mile food delivery market,” said Flirtey Founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny.