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Episode 478: Exploring cold chain logistics with the team from Cold Chain 3PL

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The New Warehouse Podcast shines a spotlight on a crucial sector of cold chain logistics. Jamie Moriarty and Judd Rosenberg, the dynamic duo behind Cold Chain 3PL, share their journey into the world of frozen and refrigerated logistics. With backgrounds spanning from entrepreneurship in the fresh food industry to Olympic athletics, their venture into cold chain logistics was spurred by a relentless spirit to succeed and the willingness to support shippers of all sizes in this space.

Capitalizing on Cold Chain Growth

Jamie and Judd leveraged each other’s strengths to embark on the tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the explosive growth of cold chain logistics. The journey wasn’t easy, according to Jamie. They couldn’t get anyone to return their phone calls or emails or they required large minimums. This is when their entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, “Judd just turned to me, and he was like, we can do this ourselves.” And so they did, “We started in a small little warehouse… now we have facilities across Chicago, California, and Maryland,” shares Judd, highlighting their exponential growth. Reflecting on their own challenges they remain grounded and committed to a hands on and flexible approach with their brands. “Our customers have my number, they have Jamie’s number, we’re not the day-to-day contact, however, I don’t ever want to lose that touch,” adds Judd.

Overcoming Cold Chain Logistics Challenges

Space is a premium in cold chain storage and a significant hurdle to overcome in cold chain logistics. Judd credits his entrepreneurial spirit and “we’re going to figure this out” attitude for their ability to determine where the space is. Jamie points out, “You can’t just convert a typical warehouse into a frozen one.” He believes the surge in demand will overcome the capacity limitation as the construction industry looks to capitalize on this growth. Shipping perishable products adds another layer of complexity to cold chain shipping. Judd compares solving this challenge to a puzzle or a mind-bending SAT question. “By figuring out that puzzle, we can go up the biggest companies in the space and usually win the business because of all the other things we offer.” 

Mastering Cold Chain Logistics for Brands

Shippers in the cold chain space are at varying levels of experience. Jamie explains this is how they determine whether to recreate what seasoned cold chain brands have leveraged in the past or engage in a discovery call for a greater understanding of the shipping needs. Cold Chain 3PL relies on industry experience, customer requirements, and what they refer to as a “recipe card” to handle all the complexities of shipping perishables. Jamie adds, “Our main production team who builds the recipe card are trained chefs. That knowledge comes into play as they’re very familiar with food, how it can be stored, and how it can slack out.” The little details can make all the difference in the quality and integrity of cold chain products.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapid expansion and adaptation are crucial in the high-demand cold chain sector.
  • Constructing cold storage facilities poses unique challenges, requiring innovative solutions.
  • If you want to be successful, don’t forget about the little guys.
The New Warehouse Podcast
Episode 478: Exploring Cold Chain Logistics with the Team from Cold Chain 3PL