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Kenco Logistics announces Supply Chain Lab expansion

Kenco Logistics,  a North American third-party logistics provider, just announced plans to open a dedicated physical warehouse space, an expansion of the Supply Chain Innovation Lab which was originally announced in 2015. The 10,000 square foot space will serve as a true test facility for the Kenco team of innovation specialists to assess value-added technology and provide advanced visibility into these solutions. Testing potential supply chain management solutions and technological advances outside of a live operation will enhance accuracy, sustainability and improve implementation speeds for Kenco’s customers.

“We are dedicated to leading the digital transformation of the supply chain,” said Denis Reilly, President and CEO, Kenco Logistic Services. “The Innovation Lab is one example of our commitment to providing well-vetted cutting-edge technologies to our customers, allowing them to achieve improved performance and enhanced supply chain value.”

A combination of technology experts and supply chain engineers will deliver full value insight on this wide range of logistics solutions, with the scale of the warehouse space allowing all these technologies to be tested simultaneously.

The first technologies that will be brought into the space include NextShift Robotics, a fundamentally unique autonomous mobile robotics solution; Stocked Robotics, a provider of a cloud-based AI platform and software suite that transforms existing manual fleets of material handling vehicles into autonomous swarms; LogistiVIEW, an AI and vision-driven picking software for smart glasses; and WMS software like JDA and HighJump.

“In the logistics industry, experience is the new differentiator and the opening of the Kenco Innovation Lab facility will only heighten our industry experience and insight,” said Kristi Montgomery, Vice President of Innovation at Kenco. “Our work in the Innovation Lab has already brought value to our customers. This lab facility will provide a formal space to review, research and promote technology to only further assist in our goal to provide the greatest insight to our customers.”