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LIFT announces new ANSI Standards

The Lift Manufacturers Product Group (LIFT) Industry Group of MHI announced that they have released two new ANSI standards governing safety requirements for scissor lifts and tilters.

ANSI MH29.1-2020, Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts, applies to industrial scissors lifts that are raised and lowered by means of hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical actuation. These industrial scissors lifts are intended for commercial applications on a firm and level surfaces and may be either stationary or mobile and used to position, feed, transfer, load, or unload materials or personnel. Some of these combinations are not covered by this standard. Industrial scissors lifts are available in a range of capacities, sizes, and travels and include dock lifts, work access lifts and lift tables which are categorized by function.

ANSI MH29.2-2020, Safety Requirements for Industrial Tilters, applies to industrial tilters that are rotated about a horizontal axis by means of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, or electro/mechanical actuation. Industrial tilters can be stationary or movable and are generally used to position, feed, transfer, load, or unload materials only.  This standard does not apply to dumpers or upenders where angular travel exceeds 110 degrees, investors, and rotators, refuse dumpers, self-dumping hoppers, or truck-mounted dump bodies.

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