IWLA hails EPA Risk Management Program changes

The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), the trade association for the third-party warehousing industry, supports recent changes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made to its Risk Management Program Reconsideration Rule as it pertains to first responders.

Steve DeHaan

“This rule directly addresses very important safety issues. And any decisions and regulatory changes that facilitate the exchange of pertinent information during a time of crisis are always better,” says IWLA President & CEO Steve DeHaan. “But broadcasting the materials in question could open safety concerns in its own right. IWLA applauds the new RMP Reconsideration Rule as it cuts away barriers to quick and timely communication with key players while being mindful of the sensitive nature of that information.”

The association has a subset of warehouse members that handle chemicals and other hazardous materials for their customers – manufacturers and retailers.

“One reason IWLA exists is to help ensure U.S. warehouses remain safe places to work and serve as contributing members of their communities,” DeHaan says. “We recognize that issues may arise that require emergency response and this rule ensures that our members can work more effectively with first responders. The EPA rule directly addresses this issue.”

IWLA will continue to work as requested with EPA officials to keep the safety of warehouse workers and their communities at the forefront while facilitating the business of keeping the U.S. supply chain moving.