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GRI expands operations in Cincinnati

GRI a specialty tire manufacturer from Sri Lanka with offices in six countries and sales in 50 countries around the world has expanded its footprint in the U.S. GRI FIT, the tire service division of GRI , has grown its operations into Cincinnati, Ohio.  They already have locations in neighboring states of Indiana and Kentucky.

GRI FIT in Cincinnati, offers the services of an on-site Tire Press Truck and experienced technicians who have the capability to work on-site or off-site, on tire fitment and servicing functions. GRI can now reach wider regional coverage, delivering the benefit of efficiency, convenience and flexibility to the consumer.

Tony Lugioyo

“GRI FIT is continuing to look for potential markets, as this model is scalable and within our strategic corporate plans”, stated Tony Lugioyo, Head of Global Sales at GRI.

“Due to the increase in demand for our tires, GRI FIT will soon be opening a new warehouse in Cincinnati for the distribution of GRI Tires, by mid-October,” stated Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO GRI.

Last month, the company also announced its acquisition of the NORTIRE Group in Northern Europe.

GRI is a leading producer of  high-performance specialty tires in agriculture, construction and material handling tires.