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Fleet team expands with strategic acquisition of Forklift Training Systems

Fleet Team, fleet management and consulting company, has announced its acquisition of Forklift Training Systems, headquartered in Newark, Ohio. This transaction further diversifies Fleet Team to include operator/trainer training programs and cutting-edge safety products that complement the company’s existing client solutions portfolio.

The acquisition, which closed on March 28, 2024, aims to leverage the strengths of both companies while maintaining the individual identities that have contributed to their respective successes. The decision to acquire Forklift Training Systems was driven by its exceptional reputation in the training and safety services space with Fortune 500 companies.

The addition of Forklift Training Systems will allow Fleet Team to take a more holistic approach to fleet management and reinforce its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its client base. Doug Riddle, President of Fleet Team, said, “With safety being top-of-mind for us and our clients, acquiring Forklift Training Systems is the beginning of a symbiotic partnership. We are ecstatic to bring the Forklift Training Systems team on board and look forward to the opportunities this change will bring.”

David Hoover headshot

David Hoover

David Hoover, President of Forklift Training Systems, will play a key role in providing safety and training leadership for both companies. “I am thrilled to build on the legacy I’ve established for Forklift Training Systems by gaining access to additional resources and collaboration from Fleet Team. With this change, our clients can still expect to receive the same exceptional service they know and trust, but now with access to additional resources.”