Komatsu Forklift introduces new forklift operator training program

Komatsu Forklift introduces new forklift operator training program

Komatsu Forklift announced an alliance with the National Safety Council (NCS) to introduce the new Komatsu Forklift Operator Training Program.

The Komatsu Forklift Operator Training Program teaches trainers, supervisors, managers, and operators how to incorporate worker well-being best practices into their daily management and material handling activities.  The program complies with all applicable OSHA regulations and covers all forklift classifications.

The program enables companies to meet requirements for operator training and is designed to provide additional benefits to companies in the form of improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, better morale, and a workplace designed to maximize worker well-being.

Training Highlights

  1. OSHA regulations
  2. Lift truck design and operating principles
  3. Pre-shift safety inspection & preventive maintenance
  4. Worksite inspections
  5. Pick up a load
  6. Deliver a load
  7. Apply forklift operator safety skills

Komatsu Forklift operator training program goals

  • Increase operator knowledge and skills in forklift operations
  • Make the workplace safe for operators and their co-workers
  • Prevent forklift incidents on the job
  • Help employers meet OSHA compliance requirements
  • Help employers train and authorize operators

National safety council mission statement
The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

NSC advances this mission by partnering with businesses, government agencies, elected officials and the public to make an impact where the most preventable injuries and deaths occur, in areas such as distracted driving, teen driving, workplace safety and beyond the workplace, particularly in and near our home.

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